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A Toast to

Embark on journey to Jalisco, Mexico,
and discover the
history and heritage of
Lunazul Tequila.

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EP. 1

Expedition Unknown's Josh Gates embarks on a journey to discover the history and heritage of Lunazul Tequila. He meets the eighth-generation descendants carrying on the ancient art of tequila making and shares a special toast.

EP. 2

Josh Gates joins the jimadors, responsible for harvesting, by hand, the main ingredient in Lunazul Tequila-blue weber agave. While Josh sweats it out, he learns what makes it special: these plants are direct descendants of the mother plants first harvested 250 years ago.

EP. 3

Lunazul Tequila's master distiller, Francisco Quijano, leads Josh Gates on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the tequila making process at the distillery, where generations of tradition and craftsmanship is preserved.

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Jalisco Mexico

Our tequila

Hand-harvested and estate bottled in the heart
of agave country, our award-winning tequila is
made with 100% Blue Weber agave and backed
by 250 years of tradition.

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Meet the
Beckmann Family

Francisco Beckmann founded the Tierra de Agaves estate in 2004. A champion of premium
quality, integrity, and approachability, he passed along the tradition of crafting 100% agave
tequila to his son, Jorge Beckmann, who became president of Tierra de Agaves in 2005.


Jorge Beckmann grew up among the family's agave fields, where he gained firsthand experience growing, distilling and bottling great-tasting tequila. Since 2005, Jorge has overseen the operation of the Tierra de Agaves Distillery. As our president, he sets the standards for crafting Lunazul.


MASTER tequilero Francisco Quijano

Francisco Quijano is a veteran of the tequila industry who’s made it his life’s mission to promote and protect the authentic values of tequila and led the effort to designate the blue agave fields of Jalisco as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He came to Tierra des Agaves in 2007 and has been turning three basic ingredients - agave, water, and yeast - into award-winning tequila ever since. Francisco personally tastes every batch to ensure the unparalleled consistency Lunazul is known for.

Francisco Quijano

Maestro Jose Fernandez

Growing up in the fields of the village of Tequila, Jose was born into the agave-growing business. His father, agave legend Don Jose, passed down his knowledge and instincts as Jose grew from a young jimador (harvester) to a Master. Today, he leads a team of agricultural engineers who combine the latest in technology with a legacy of experience, and oversees more than 4 million agave plants as Lunazul’s Master Agave Grower.

Jose Fernandez
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