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Our Story

Lunazul’s story began with
Francisco Beckmann Senior. A
seventh generation descendent of
the Beckmann family — the oldest
dynasty of tequila producers — he
set out on a mission to create the
world’s finest 100% agave Tequila.

Fransisco Beckmenn

Born from a long line of Master Tequileros with a deep reverence for agave, Francisco established Tierra de Agaves in 1992, after selling his stake in the family business, keeping his shares of the agave fields to create a premium tequila made with the only the highest integrity, quality, and approachability.

Fransisco Beckmenn
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Instilling his love for his craft into his family, he passed along the tradition to his son, Jorge Beckmann, who became president of Tierra de Agaves in 2005.

Fransisco Beckmenn

Today, Lunazul is still a family-run operation located in the heart of Tequila, Jalisco, where it’s proud to continue its mission of creating only the finest, 100% agave premium tequilas.

Our Team

With familial ties to the world’s oldest
Tequila dynasty, our hands have been
cultivating the clay of Jalisco for over
seven generations. When you’re born
into the world’s longest line of
Tequila producers, you understand the
importance of tradition. Today, we
continue to craft and perfect our 100%
Blue Agave Tequila so you can raise a
glass and Toast to Tradition.



Jorge Beckmann
  • Jorge Beckmann
  • John Doe
  • David Beckham

Jorge Beckmann grew up among his family's agave fields, where he gained firsthand experience growing, distilling, and bottling exceptional tequilas. Since 2005, Jorge has led the operations of Tierra de Agaves as the distillery's President. In his role, he sets the standard for crafting Lunazul and creating tequilas that honor his family's legacy.



  • Jorge Beckmann
  • John Doe
  • David Beckham

Francisco Quijano is a veteran of the tequila industry who’s made it his life’s mission to promote and protect the authentic values of tequila and led the effort to designate the blue agave fields of Jalisco as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He came to Tierra de Agaves in 2007 as Master Tequilero and personally tastes every batch of tequila to ensure the unparalleled consistency Lunazul is known for.



Jorge Beckmann
  • Jorge Beckmann
  • John Doe
  • David Beckham

Growing up in the fields of Tequila, Jose was born into the agave-growing business. His father, agave legend Don Jose, passed down his knowledge and instincts as Jose grew from a young Jimador to a Master Agave Grower. Today, he leads a team of agricultural engineers and oversees more than four million agave plants as Lunazul’s Master Agave Grower.

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After years of hard work, this is truly a dream come true. My team and I are committed to bringing you an exceptional tequila because quality, the people, the land, and legacy are what matter most. From all of us here at Lunazul, we invite you to toast to tradition and enjoy this taste of Tequila — straight from Mexico to you.

Francisco Beckmann