Uncompromising quality.
The wolf never backs down.

You know what you’re looking for when it comes to tequila. No hype - just smooth, 100% agave tequila that respects your desire to grab more from life. With Lunazul, it’s right there in the glass. Quality. Smoothness. Rich, heritage flavors perfected over generations. The unrivaled pleasure that comes from exploring the hill beyond the hill, the forest beyond the forest. That’s a promise Lunazul proudly makes.


Exploring the world starts within.

So, Whatcha got in there?


AS the blue moon rises over the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, we
see the silhouette of a wolf howling to gather its pack.
The pack responds, eager to join in the celebration of something beautiful and rare. It is that P R I M A L energy, that same hunger for life, that gathers and excites Lunazul drinkers. We are born under the moon of desire – in homage to the heart of the distiller, the rich land of Tierra de Agaves,
and the spirit of the wolf. Feed that spirit. Feed the wolf.

To know the spirit of the wolf is to recognize its markings.

The language of the wolf rings clear to all those that will follow. These markings embody our deep, native heritage, and express the energy and excitement found within the Lunazul experience. They call out to those with a hunger for life.

The tequila region’s fertile volcanic soil actually plays a key role in why agave is blue.

Wolf Earth

The spirit of the wolf is kinetic, Buzzing with the opportunity to savor the moment.

Wolf Bolt

The wolf moon reminds us to embrace and share each feed the wolf moment we experience.

A Wolf Moon

Grown for many generations under the Jalisco sun, the agave stands like guardians of our history.

Crop of the Wolf

We all walk a path of discovery, and we mark our experience for those that come after.

Wolf Claw Prints

The unmistakable pattern revealed in harvesting agave plants reflects our process and integrity.

Gift of Agave Piña

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